Ugh. I find the idea of Charlie Crist possibly switching parties to save his skin to be pretty odious. Crist is at least not a complete lunatic on the ideological spectrum (which puts him on the good side of, oh, 97% of his party), but still, the man is not a moderate, either. Maybe he’ll end up acting more like Arlen Specter – that is, a more-or-less real Democrat – but it’s depressing to contemplate a scenario where Crist’s switch hints at a party swinging back to a heart-healthier version of what it was during most of the 20th century: all of the conservative ideas and influence of the Dixiecrats, just less of the racism.

    • Lisa
    • February 1st, 2010

    Last I heard, the man is gay as the day is long. How would he be viable on a national ticket?

  1. Oh, I’m not suggesting that this would happen in the context of a Crist presidential run (I don’t think he has a chance of being President, either). What I probably should have elaborated was that it seems like just simple demographics mean that you’re going to see tons of pressure on Republican congressmen, senators, and governors in the next decade or so as their most reliable constituency (old white people) starts dying off in droves. It’s already started happening in places like the northeast which were never that conservative to begin with, and the results (Scott Brown notwithstanding) have mostly been electoral catastrophe. So something’s eventually gotta give with their ideology.

    I would just hate to see the fallout from that turn out to be that the least-crazy Republicans like Crist simply rebrand themselves as Democrats without changing their underlying voting behavior, giving us a Democratic party that’s even more center-right and a Republican party that manages to be even crazier than before. It’s amazing that Florida (for all its flaws, at least the place isn’t South Carolina) seems to be on a path where even statewide elections come down to a choice between a conservative and a complete lunatic.

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