The Brooks Brothers movement

Today’s news includes a CNN poll that suggests that the Tea Party movement is richer, whiter, and more Republican than most of the electorate, by far. If nothing else, this would seem to put the lie to reports of Republican fears that these people are yahoos who are going to tear the GOP in half. The much more likely scenario to me is that we’re seeing something like astroturfing going on here, a conscious decision to try to move the goalposts even further right by marshaling the party’s most reliable foot soldiers. Instead of writing about all the grass-roots support this movement has, shouldn’t some intrepid reporter be delving into who is organizing these people and why?

On the other hand…I took a look at the internals of the poll to see how respondents were classified as “Tea Partiers”, and we’re basically talking about a survey of 124 people here. That small a sample leads to a pretty big margin of error (9%), so we probably need more data than this before we can make any broad conclusions.

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