Wrong-way Rahm

Today we’ve got allegations from Joe Sestak that the White House tried to buy him off to get him out of running for Senate in Pennsylvania. If true, this strikes me as a really good example of the failings of the White House political operation. Let’s say I’m the president and I’m trying to get my legislative agenda through Congress.  Arlen Specter, who recently switched parties, is unhappy because Sestak is threatening to unseat him. Well, that’s bad for Arlen Specter but as a Democratic president it should be exactly the situation I want. An Arlen Specter under great pressure from the left is proving to be a solid Democrat. An Arlen Specter who isn’t under pressure from his left…you can file that one next to “Joe Lieberman,” or worse (Evan Bayh, Ben Nelson).

Of course, maybe this is one of those crazy double bank shots where Rahm Emanuel wants to keep pressure on Specter while trotting Sestak out there to preserve plausible deniability. Given recent history I kind of doubt it, though.

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