Quick hits

  • Web 2.0 really makes social interactions awkward with people who are in your social networks, but are not your closest friends. Acquaintance Z, a woman, uses the same “Cities I’ve visited” map app in Facebook as I do, and put Reykjavik as a city that she can advise friends about. But if I contact her asking about how she liked Reykjavik, that calls attention to the fact that I’ve been delving into the depths of her Facebook profile. It’s never really clear whether people put all this information up there just for their own benefit or whether they want strangers to take a look, too.
  • If I was a legislator in this fine nation of ours, I’d make the credit card companies do free (or dramatically discounted) transaction processing for public goods and services. It’s unconscionable that American Express gets a cut every time I buy a $4 BART ticket with plastic.
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