More on “Why I take it personally”

I sort of jumbled a handful of thoughts together in the above post that I think could use a little unpacking. Maybe the best way to explain what I mean is to turn the viewpoint of rich federal judges around a little bit. Presumably, these judges know that a salary of $169,000 is more than most Americans make. Hence my comment about them not being stupid. Yet (under the way they’ve framed things at least), this is still not enough to afford a quality education for their children. So we have a situation where a person in a position of considerable public power thinks that they live in a country where less than 5 percent of people are able to provide their children with a proper education.

And to the subset of these judges who are conservative, that state of affairs is just fine! Or at least, it’s just fine as long as it isn’t personally affecting them – their overriding worry about this situation is the possibility that their own family might not make it into in the lucky 5%. That’s the point at which I think a moral line is crossed. If you’re someone who really believes that you need to drop $30k a year on prep school to properly educate kids, then it follows that you should be working extra hard to bring about policies that help the great majority of people attain this. But instead, American conservatives do the opposite and declare that other people’s education isn’t their problem.

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