Deep thoughts on the Frum firing

Re: David Frum getting canned from AEI:

1. Any organization that simultaneously a) continues to employ Norm Ornstein while b) firing David Frum for presumably failing to toe the line on health care reform is…strange to say the least.

2. Was Ornstein also subject to the edict (granted, this is secondhand info) from AEI brass to not speak to the media about health care reform? If so, why was he allowed to publish this mostly celebratory piece about it?

3. The best theory I have on this is that AEI keeps Ornstein on because it allows them to keep up the pretense that they are not a nakedly political organ but a serious think tank with bipartisan credibility. If that’s the case and if Frum was fired for his apostasy, I think Ornstein is obligated to resign if he wants to keep his own reputation intact. Otherwise he’s not taking part in an honest dialogue, but rather knowingly abetting partisan hacks.

4. Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe Frum really was fired for too much time as a TV talking head, or some dispute about money, or for stealing people’s sandwiches out of the AEI breakroom fridge. Maybe.

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