High Broderism

US News publishes a silly list of their 5 “best” Cabinet secretaries: Gates, Clinton, LaHood, Duncan, and Shinseki.

I have nothing against any of the people who made the list – it sounds like they’re doing mostly a fine job. But is anyone really surprised that US News made sure to pick both Republicans in the Cabinet, the Army general, and Duncan for pissing off teachers’ unions? I could have predicted those four would make the list without even peeking – they’re exactly who you would pick if you lived by the Washington cocktail party rules that bipartisanship is always good, military officers are always the best most talented managers ever in civilian life, and teachers’ unions are mean and bad and must be bravely fought.

Meanwhile  Hilda Solis is turning around the Labor Department from a decade of deliberate, malign neglect, but she’s Latina and an unashamed liberal and her department actually advocates for those icky unions, so of course she couldn’t possibly make the top 5.

    • Zach
    • April 29th, 2010

    Or could the reason US News won’t praise Hilda Solis be that she’s received the mainstream media kiss of death: a resounding endorsement from The Nation?


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