It’s all about the ball…

Have been following the crackdown on the Bangkok protests fairly closely. Frankly, the situation sounds awful and it’s very depressing to contemplate what comes next. Hungry for a post in which I prognosticate about where Thailand’s northern and northeastern provinces go from here? Unfortunately, this is not that post.

Instead, this post is about this poster for a Japanese movie, which appears on the BBC slideshow of the wreckage left in the protests’ wake:

and what?

Now, I guess maybe the BBC thought the girl’s expression in this photo appropriately captured the anguish many in Thailand feel at how the protests were “resolved.” But then I saw the English tag line (I’ve circled it in light blue) and had an instant WTF.

Was it some kind of wacky Japanese pun? Or just a particularly hilarious and bizarre example of Engrish? A little more research showed that neither is the case. Rather, the film Oppai Volleyball is sort of a Japanese version of the Bad News Bears with volleyball, except the sad-sack team is coached by a female junior high school teacher. A female junior high school teacher who…

…to give them an incentive to try hard, she promises them that she will show them her boobs if they win a game! Since then, the boys start practicing extremely hard.

Mystery solved!

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