The underrated six

Inexpensive SF Restaurants that barely anyone talks about, yet everyone owes it to themselves to try:

1. Pastores. Mexico City-style Mexican, a rarity in a town defined by the burrito. Irma, the owner, is a godsend, having once served me one of the most delicious lunches of my life when I turned up to find the place closed for a private party.

2. To Hyang. Korean. With the best dishes I’ve tried here (which is most of them), I inevitably find myself thinking “whoever made this food made it with an immense amount of love.” Hwa Soon Im’s cooking somehow reminds me of great meals my Jewish grandmother made. You knew that you weren’t getting anything particularly fancy, but the comfort factor made the experience perfect nonetheless.

3. Lavash, Persian. Like the top two on this list, the gracious personalities of the owners give the restaurant a special place in my heart. You feel like you are an honored guest in these people’s home.

4. Little Yangon, Burmese. Technically over the Daly City line, but I say close enough. One taste of the Shan noodles was enough to land it in the top six.

5. The Lime Tree, Singaporean. Dynamite quality-to-price ratio. They make a mean roast chicken here, perfectly seasoned.

6. Haltun, Mayan. I am a sucker for all things Oaxacan, Yucatecan, and Guatemalan. This brand new Yucatecan joint I only tried for the first time yesterday, but can tell it will be a regular stop. Great thick tortillas and delicious salsa.

  1. Ooh, 4 new restaurants for me to try. (Lime Tree and Lavash – both delicious!)

    Where are the Yelp and/or restaurant links, dude? 😀 Yes, I’m just *that* lazy.

  2. Hehe…and I’m not that lazy? Funny thing is, I was leafing through the Yelp reviews on Lavash and in the most recent 10 was a certain “Cat T.”‘s. They were kind enough to sell me some dried limes after I couldn’t find them anywhere else I looked…going to make this recipe tomorrow:

  3. These sound delicious. I have to try them soon! PS. why are you using wordpress and not POSTEROUS?!?

    • I am always up for a meal at any of these. Especially since it looks like I’m moving closer to Mission St.!

      As for WP versus Posterous…I dunno, just seemed like the thing to do at the time? The only thing that bugs me about WP is that you can’t embed javascript, which makes adding some video clips impossible. Other than that I haven’t found anything to complain about so far…

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