With apologies to Ambrose Bierce

Jamelle Bouie:

John Cole is angry at the Blue Dogs:

Is there ANYTHING that centrists and moderates will not do to hurt themselves? Anything? The public is livid about jobs, centrists oppose job creation efforts. The public wants the middle class tax cuts extended while the taxes on the rich ended, the centrists oppose that. And on and on and on.

I’ve wondered this myself; at nearly every turn, Blue Dogs have opposed or altered (usually for the worse) everything proposed by the administration, even when it benefited them politically.

After party realignment, the rise of the DLC in the Democratic Party, and Clintonian triangulation, words no longer mean what they used to mean. (See also.) It’s time to update the political glossary; fortunately, things have gotten much simpler and easier to define:

Conservative: someone who has lots of unpopular ideas, but realizes this is a liability and is smart enough to lie about them.

Centrist: someone who has lots of unpopular ideas, but thinks this is an asset and is stupid enough to brag about them.

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