Why we need the hippies

This month’s issue of the Cal alumni magazine has a rather silly piece of hippie-bashing by one Brendan Buhler. Buhler comes off as more annoying than funny and unfortunately, is more interested in just repeating his central thesis – that our personal choices of what we eat, drive, buy, etc. are not inevitably tinged with polittics – over and over again rather than actually arguing successfully for it. Thus he achieved the opposite of his goal with this reader: if this crap is the best defense of living ignorantly as far as the effects of one’s choices goes, then probably, living without a conscience/consciousness isn’t the best idea.

I did think  one paragraph was good enough to call attention to, though:

But another way of looking at all of this activism and agitation is that it’s a useful corrective to the national debate. For years, the Rush Limbaugh end of the political spectrum has steadily moved the goal posts further and further until it’s a regular feature of political life in this country to hear arguments in favor of torture and apologies to an oil company responsible for the greatest environmental catastrophe in American history. Fairly or not, this dragged the center of debate further to the right until Barack Obama is a socialist intent on destroying American liberty with a healthcare system similar to one proposed by Richard Nixon. A group like Code Pink is moving the goal posts on the other end of the field and trying to drag the center back to the left.

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