The conduit

It just occurred to me that as much as much as you hear about Harvard being a direct conduit for 22-year-olds to go into investment banking, I don’t actually have all that many college friends who ended up as bankers and consultants. In fact, of the 10 guys I lived with senior year, zero ended up in these fields. The final tally went something like:

2 doctors

2 teachers

2 physics grad students (I think)

1 humanities grad student

1 software engineer

1 marketing manager for a skiing equipment company

1 rabbi

A cursory check of my Facebook friends shows a pretty similar pattern. There are a couple of scattered McKinsey-ites, but they’re dwarfed by the number of med students and grad students. All of which isn’t to say that the stats about 40% of Harvard kids going into banking and consulting are wrong. Rather, what this shows is that I know how to pick friends!

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