Pelosi hatred, continued

A quick addendum to my previous post, spurred by reading this post from Monica Potts. If I’m reading her correctly, Potts surmises that Pelosi hatred among wingnuts is mostly about policy. Pelosi didn’t communicate well with Tea Partiers and pursued policies they didn’t like, therefore they hated her. I think this line of reasoning is probably off the mark; I remember hearing lots of frothing Pelosi-hatred well before the 111th Congress, so merely saying it’s all about health care reform or other Obama-era policies can’t be right.

To be sure, enacting policies people are already opposed to isn’t going to make them happy. But the groundwork for Tea Partiers hating Nancy Pelosi had been laid well before she said or did much in the public eye. Conservative strategists realized that Pelosi made for a convenient symbol for practicing dog-whistle politics, and the carnival barkers of talk radio and Fox News did the rest. These narratives (like that of Pelosi the arrogant, ditzy, matriarch from San Francisco who loves the gays and consequently hates your way of life) are created earlier than Monica realizes, and we ignore them at our own peril.

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