The ‘Intellectual’ Case For Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Shorter Alec Rawls: DADT should stand because those people are disgusting faggy faggity assfucking fags.

The elision Rawls makes between acting homosexually (which in Rawls’s mind appears to mean public gay orgies) and the acts that are actually forbidden by DADT (speaking that you are a homosexual and making that fact of your identity known) is truly embarrassing for anyone who claims to study philosophy, let alone the son of John Rawls. Alec Rawls’s neurologist must have a very interesting job.

BTW, this paragraph caught my eye (emphasis mine):

Heterosexual young men are willing to join the military and put their sex lives on hold because the manliness of fighting for their nation makes the lack of access to females bearable. That will change if a subculture of active homosexuality is allowed to burst out and grow amidst the suppressed heterosexuality of our military. Instead of a manly brotherhood, military service will become a chore and even a gauntlet of having to abide whatever in-your-face homosexuality the flamers want to throw up, and they will throw up plenty, as proven by every out-homosexual locale in the world…

Rawls fears a gauntlet of manly brothers growing and bursting in his face to the point where everyone throws up? Projection’s a bitch, Alec.

(Via LGM)

  1. Reading through his site, it’s possible that Alec Rawls is actually schizophrenic or mentally impaired in some other way, which I suppose explains why WND published his book.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised (my comment about his neurologist was only about 20% kidding).The raving insanity that formed the backbone of his book (that the 9/11 memorial in Pennsylvania was a covert plot to imprint a Muslim crescent into the ground) certainly doesn’t suggest a balanced mind…

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