Great moments in dictator meltdowns

Marc Lynch called Hosni Mubarak’s speech yesterday the “Worst Speech Ever”, but I beg to differ. Mubarak may not have been able to avoid playing the tried-and-true “let’s defend the nation from foreign instigators” card, as well as “I’m going to throw all of you a small financial bone,” but at least he learned a few lessons from this:

Lesson 1: Don’t address the crowd directly. They might not like you!

Lesson 2: When the booing starts, scolding your people like small children doesn’t go over so well.

Lesson 3: Not to mention interrupting your own speech to tell your wife to STFU! Best to leave her at home.

Lesson 4: Body language matters! If you want to project an aura of cool control in the face of a handful of drunk hecklers, don’t do it like this (see part 2 of the speech for the context). The loose hand-waving, the rapidly shifting gaze – even Pauly Shore knew not to make these kinds of gestures on his first open-mic nights.

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