Tax simplification

As I prepare to get up early to start dialing the IRS tomorrow because apparently someone else has already filed a return using my Social Security Number, it occurs to me that this is an underrated case for tax return simplification. As many of the leading lights of the liberal blogosphere are fond of pointing out at this time, most people shouldn’t have to file returns the way we do now – instead you should just get a statement from the IRS of what you owe/are owed since they already have all your income information. But one side benefit of this would be that proactive tax statements from the IRS will largely kill the kind of identity theft issue I seem to be facing right now. Fewer taxpayers having to submit SSNs to the IRS means fewer bogus, stolen, or mistaken SSNs being submitted to the IRS. Everyone wins – honest taxpayers have easier and safer filing, and the government wastes fewer resources on sorting out these kinds of messes.

  1. Bummer, dude. Good luck with your filing!

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